Back again, hello Mildura

Here is the blog that never started.

Initially I registered my own domain name because the new domain names were so cheap. I just had to have one.

After several failed attempts here is my third go at blogging.

After a move to my new home Mildura and a career change, maybe blogging might stick this time – one can only hope.

So here is my new project – a Codan 7727 HF radio. They were extremely popular during the eighties, but fell out of popularity when PLL became popular and Channel crystals became $50 a pop.

The plan with this girl is to replace the crystals with a DDS powered Arduino kit designed by VK5ZLR.

Let’s see if I can blog the process of my new found project.

4 Replies to “Back again, hello Mildura”

    1. Still working on it.
      I just removed a large chunk of un-required parts to make room for the DDS.
      A new post will come shortly.

  1. Jamie,

    Got your name from John Drew. Did you get the KL-450 up on his repeater controller? If so I’d like to talk to you about some issues.

    John Proctor

  2. Hi Jamie, i currently also have a 7727TB running as a local with a 9851DDS and Arduino UNO, using a BCD to Decimal decoder to auto band switch with frequency selection. Also spent lots of time on KL’s, i think i have supplied half of Vic and Tas with KL’s lol. Have to catch up some some time. VK3JUG

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