NextGEN User Roles

Recently I needed to migrate from one host to another. The site also uses Before the migration the .com domain was the primary domain and the was the redirect.  Initially I thought we could keep the site working if we used .com as the primary domain name and the would become redirect.

Unfortunately nothing went to plan and the site was down for a few days while the accounting was fixed up.
What had happened was there were lots of references to the website using both .com and – the migration didn’t work to well and I had to spend a lot of time hand editing the SQL database to make every reference just

One of my favourite plugins used by this site was All-In-One-Events-Calendar plugin, but regardless what I tried to get it to work on the new host, it wouldn’t play. The last straw was fiddling with the roles manager in WordPress. AI1E Calendar still wouldn’t work and in my hast I also broke NextGEN. Continue reading “NextGEN User Roles”