QRV this is VK3JME

Well I started this blog two years with the intention of building something new that I could document all my ideas on.  Unfortunately I only posted on it once and never returned.

Recently one of my projects was building a website for the local speedway www.blueribbonraceway.com.au. That has taught me a lot about building website with WordPress, so I decided to return to this one and start again.
My revisit of www.wordpress.com was short lived when I tried to install NextGEN, a photo gallery manager.
Hang on, what the ??? What do you mean I am not allowed to install plug-ins.

So I finally bit the bullet and purchased a .id.au registration.  I’ve been wanting to do this for years, but I could never justify it. So with the recent amount of websites under development that my home server has been hosting, I decided that it was OK to forget the IP address of my home internet connection, and host my own host on my own equipment.

I discovered some photos I recognised that were mine recently on about the 5th page of a Google Image results.  They were on found on my old Cardomain site http://www.cardomain.com/ride/758764/.  So the first page shall be me rereatign that site right here.

So here it goes.
Here is VK3JME v2.0