CQ CQ here is VK3JME


CQ CQ here is VK3JME


Well here I am entering text for my first blog entry.
I never thought I would find myself doing this.

Blogs have always seemed to me to be about someone I don’t care about, telling me about their boring life and how they fed their cat 15 minutes after they woke up today.

So why am I starting a blog?

I let my old website www.l200ute.com expire about two months ago as my L200 ute was no longer my current interest and I had not updated the website in a two years.
I still love my ute, but I have since found many other interests that occupy large amounts of thought in my head.

So why start blogging?
Well it seems to be a great method of  creating a diary of all of the thoughts that are constantly spinning around in my head.

I love telling friends about the latest thing that has caught my attention, so I suppose it only makes sense to create a blog.
Hopefully one day someone else on the internet will gain something from my current thoughts.

Well if you cant beat them, join them!
A few years ago I started a Facebook account, it seemed at the time as an easy way to let everyone that I care about know about what I am doing.
After two years of Facebook, I have discovered that it doesn’t fit my requirements and I really do need to start a blog!

So where do I go now?
At the moment this entry is nothing more than just a simple introduction and ‘Hello’

I think I need to go back in time first, search through some old emails and create them into blog entries.

Stay tuned for a ‘blast from the past’ of old thoughts that have been rattling around in my head.

I have lots of cool things to show…..