Unilab KL-450 Repeater

While the blogging bug has managed to catch with me this time, I have decided to document some of my older projects.

So starting with requests, the first of my projects from the archives is an Amateur Radio repeater I made.

Inside the Unilab KL-450 Transeiver

The Unilab repeater project started in early 2015 when Bill Husin – VK3YHT donated an ex Ambulance Victoria radio to Wimmera Amateur Radio Group for the purpose of building a new repeater with. I took it upon myself to familiarise myself with the radio and convert it to use on Amateur Radio. Continue reading “Unilab KL-450 Repeater”

Building a Repeater

Two W1 Philips PRM8010Repeaters have always been a fascination of mine ever since I started playing with radios. The magic begins when you discover you ‘can get into one’ or a better description would be ‘to make radio contact with one’,¬†as you never know who is listening and how far away they are.

Continue reading “Building a Repeater”