Thin Client Home Automation

I’ve been playing a bit with Home automation for the last year. It started when I bought a Sonoff to interface with the garage door. At the time I just wanted to be able to open and close the door from my phone and know if I had left it open while I was at work.

Well it snow balled from there.

I discovered that Homebridge was the answer to link my sonoff garage door opener to my iPhone. Soon after that I bought a Mirabella Smart Switch that I flashed with Tasmota. and a pile of other devices. But I tired quickly of Homebridge lacking a GUI, so I found HOOBS. I couldn’t justify buying a new AppleTV to allow automation, so to start with I just programmed my posse of Tasmotized Sonoffs and other smart devices to turn on and off using their own timers.

And then I bought a motion sensor which I of course tasmotized.

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HP T5540 Thin Client

Like I really need new project, but a new one found me today. I visited the local recycle shop today – Around Again. It’s a junk shop conveniently located next the tip up here in Mildura and it is were things that are too good to be thrown out end up.

It is run by volunteers and all income derived from selling other peoples junk is put back into the business and employs many people living with a disability.

I’ve already found a few bargains here and today it was another. As I entered the shop today I saw a pile of HP T5540 Thin Client. A quick google search on my iPhone as I inspected the devices indicated that they were powered by a VIA Eden 1GHz Processor with 512MB RAM and 128MB Flash RAM.

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