Out with the old – In with the new

Progress is developing with the Codan.

Originally the radio was a “Remote Head” radio, but I was wanting to use it as a base radio. So I welded up all of the extra holes in the face plate then drilled and cut some new holes to turn it in to a base radio.

Before I could start installing the Arduino powered Direct digital synthesiser (DDS), I needed to remove the un-required circuitry and and wiring.

The Emergency call PCBs were removed along with the mystery option PCB, The front panel was fitted with new switches, potentiometers and a 20×4 character LCD.

The mike socket was fitted to the side and an external speaker jack was added to the rear of the case.

Methodically I disconnected wires from the remote head connector and connected them to the appropriate switches and pots.

As I whittled through the remote connector wires, I discovered that the channel selection wires that connect to PL1 & PL2 on the Remote PCB were no longer required.

I have a plan to drive the filter section from the DDS kit using a band reference voltage and a LM3914 LED bar drive IC.

Also wires on PL2 of the Main PCB are now redundant as the DDS Kit will look after the clarifier.

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